Ronald Visschers

Docent Innovaties in de Voedselketen

Dr. Ronald W. Visschers (1965), is principal Consultant for TNO in the area of Food and Nutrition. He is responsible for developing the research strategy ranging from understanding taste and texture of solid and semi-solid food materials for reformulation purposes to the screening and development of new processing methods for functional health ingredients. The program is executed by several research groups within TNO and has national and international collaborative partners. The program assists many companies in developing specific innovations for their food products.

Dr Visschers is also responsible for the Food Product Quality Roadmap of the dutch Topsector Agri-Food and is actively involved in the Dutch Healthy Food Composition Policies. His main expertise includes protein and polysaccharide structure and functionality, rheological aspects of oral processing as well as flavour release and perception. Dr. Visschers is co-author on more than 45 scientific publications and co-inventor of two patent applications.